Thursday, 14 June 2012

A quicky.

Just a quick update, because.

I'm playing golf in the morning, so just a quick round up of the news. It's been busy.
First of all, and I missed it, I can't be looking out of the window all the time.
The Blue Tits have fledged, yes gone and I never noticed right away. I was having breakfast and 3 sparrows started jumping around my garden and that's rare, I have only seen 4-5 sparrow in my garden in 5 years. They were the most common bird in England by a country mile at on time but not now. So I'm watching these 3 birds and it's obvious they have just fledged, maybe lest than a day, jumping around just taking off and landing just because they could. It was lovely, on the fence, down to the ground, back up to the fence just like that. It's at this point I had not seen the blue Tits the day before, not that I had been looking that much, but no, I watched and no Blue Tits going in or out. It was at that point I realised that they must have fledged. Gone, boo hoo.


I lost my knock out, he was good, but I would say that. We were even till 7th then I lost the plot, his long shots were fantastic. I finished with a flourish, but to late. Shake hands, well done, beer, friend for life. I love it.

The car.

My friends came back tonight, arriving on the 7.30pm from Spain, Dave has had an ear infection for most of the holiday. I made supper and fed them wine and we had a good laugh. I'll get up to record with him soon. We compared new hats. I must show you the new hat I got in New York. The best ever. It was nice having the car.

The dentist.

I think I'm falling in love with my dentist, she's beautiful. She's younger than my daughter. NO I don't even slightly flirt with her.

Good night. I'll put a picture in to fill it up.

We used to have lots of fancy dress parties, and the rules were 'You could not hire, you had to make them'.
Good fun. My first wife as a Nun and me as the cook off the Muppets.

This was the last photo of my Mother, she passed away at 41. I'm not sure why it was black and white.
That's number 2 sat next to her.

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