Friday, 20 July 2012

Off to Bonny Scotland.

Double booking.

I should never agree to things late at night after a drink. About 6 weeks ago John the Scot phoned me, we talked of old times, as you do and we agreed to play golf.
'Yes, sounds good to me' and I put the phone down and promptly forgot about it.

Last week I got an invite to Andrews birthday this Saturday (tomorrow) yes no problem, my golf partner will have his new girl friend there so I really want to go to this. Also my ex-wife owes me a meal so it would be free, I'll drink as much as I can without falling over (the plan).

While we were on the course (19th) the golf partner and me decided to play this Sunday then have lunch, then I could go singing down the Cumby. Ooh what a cushy life.

This morning (Friday) the phone rings, John the Scot. 'I've booked the bed and breakfast and the course, what time will you be up?' WHAT?.
I know I'm in the wrong, I know I want to meet new girl friend, I know we've booked golf and diner. I know I want to go singing.

I'm off to Scotland tomorrow, I've phoned everyone and told them. I am sorry, really.
They say 'You should keep a diary' I have not told them about this diary.

Other blogs.

I read other peoples blogs, they are well though out, coherent beautifully written and edited, I blush. But I'm sure if I only wrote when I had something to say worth reading there would be nothing.

I like the map you get in your stats, it shows you where people are from, just the country. Some times someone new comes from say Japan or Romania (English spelling), they only come once or twice. Maybe they have just fallen on it.
I press 'next blog' on the top to have a look at other peoples blogs but I rarely go back. I have my favourite bloggers, only 3 and that's enough for me.

I need to do some work now and book my flight to Cornwall.  Maybe I should put that in my diary.
No we know I wont.

Good night.

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