Wednesday, 5 September 2012

quickly slipping....

Back in the old routine.

I've been back since Saturday afternoon and quickly hit the routine.

Saturday night we hit town and had a few drinks, Sunday Newcastle were playing and then on to sing (and drink) at the Cumberland arms. Monday golf, so by Monday afternoon I needed some time on my own.
Down time, nothing time, switched off, going nowhere time, I'm good at this.

Tuesdays night is Malcolm night, what ever happens in the world Tuesday is just me and Malcolm chewing the cud, putting the world to rights. Not that we've ever managed it.

If we ruled the world it would be a 3 day week with Whiskey on a Sunday, a flat rate of tax, say 7% right across the board.

My needs.
Yes, I have needs and that right at this moment in time is the book.

I need to push on with the conversion of the book from book to TV script.
On Sunday Angus (top London barrister) came up for the match. It's the first time I've seen him since Skiing in March. He took a copy of the the book.....................nothing...............for weeks..................TEXT
'Brillliant, should be a movie'

The book does not suit everyone, I know that. But it does suit some people and Angus is one of them. Bingo, my ego is sated.


While I was down in Cornwall, the Lady from Cornwall and me ( I ) play a lot of scrabble. It's limited to 2 games a day. Anyway it started off relaxed with fairly lose rules, she went 3 - 0 up, I pulled back 3 straight games. 3 -3, I went one game up, all the while the rules are getting tighter.
'Your taking a long time'  We bought a timer (egg timer, 2 turns, about (no exact x 2.56) ).

She won 3 games on the trot, each time by a whisker, sometime being behind right till the last few letters. It was getting fractious. She got to the point of challenging every word I put down. I did enjoy it.

Just a few facts, I have no education she had a degree in Science and Biology. She teaches up to 'A' level, I jump up ladders. She currently 'head of examiners for all Science in the South' I don't have a job and virtually unemployable (not that I want a job). Even she admitted that it was tough to beat me. Enough said.


Not really had the time to do the limited photo's of the holiday, but I will. Like I say, it's not much. I do need to do 2 hours on the script.

So I'll leave you with a picture of me and the rabbit. She was killed by a fox. She used to live in the house with me but liked to stay out (even below zero) about 2 or 3 times a week. The fox got her even though I had made some good bolt holes under the decking. When she stayed in she was very clean, never dirtying the house. Jumping on my lap and resting while I watched the TV.

Good night.


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