Monday, 8 October 2012



My first bravo, in all the time I've been singing I've never had a bravo.

But on Sunday, I had been to the Newcastle v Manchester match ( we lost 0-3). Manchester were up for it, they came out firing on all cylinders. The ref, and I suppose everyone says this, but he gave everything to Manchester. Having said that they played brilliantly.

So I'd had a few beers before the match (as you do, with a meal) then we had one more drink afterwards, just so we could talk about the match, then I went singing.

On the first Sunday of the month they have an open mike night, I like to go on in the middle. It gives me time to relax and have a few beers, which I did. So by the time I'd got up I had quite a few drinks inside me, in fact getting to the point where I might get sloppy, forget a few words.

I sang my two songs, Tim had got up to do the backing singing. He was hot. At the end of it the audience clapped, very generously, and in the middle of the crowd I heard a woman shout 'Bravo'.

I do know the woman and her and me don't hit it off too well. We're not enemies, but we're not friends. So I really appreciated her doing that, because I know that if she did not like it she wouldn't have done it.

The wood pigeon.

I don't work on Mondays, so I play golf.

I got home from golf about 2.30ish and went to put the kettle on and there in the tree was a wood pigeon hanging upside down, caught on what I did not know.

So I went out and brought my ladders in and got some secateurs, I took a few pictures on my phone.

The neighbour from a few doors came out, she had been looking for me. The bird had been there all day. She footed the ladders. Because the ladders had to lie on small branches I had to have them virtually vertical.

I would like to remind you at this point, I had broken my right heel last year putting a satellite dish onto a tree. So me, my ladders and trees don't really belong together.

I climbed up and snipped the branch end the bird was hanging from, the neighbour held the bird while I cut the fishing line off it's legs. It flew a few yards and rested, we put a bit of bird seed down with a bowl of water.

At about 5.30 I went out and the bird had gone round the side of the house and was resting. At 6.30 I went out and it was on the fence and just as I was watching it, it flew off, a bit unsteady.

I do know the bird (sad but true) it comes as a pair so I'll be watching out for it.

Yes it was quite high.

I cut the grass for my ex-wife, this is the allotment, it looks great.
She does work hard on it though.

Did anyone read chapter one of With My Little Eye? and if so do you want to read more, there are 30 chapters, I could serialise it.

I'm back at work tomorrow, so good night.

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