Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lazy boy

Lazy, yes.

I've been a bit lazy lately.

I could have written more, there is a lot going on, but no, I post another chapter of the book, which nobodies reading.

The computer.

My computer just died about 18 months ago, and I do work for a couple of dodgy guys.

I install a motorised satellite dishes (it moves from one satellite to another) in pubs and clubs and the two dodgy boys provide football channels (cheap).

Anyway they have a shop which repairs and sells computers. So when mine when arse over tits I told them to repair it.
'Can't be done, the power supply has gone'
'HHHmmmm' says me.
'We have second hand ones, fully programed'
'How much?'

It's worked fine for 18 months, no problem, a bit slow, so what.


I don't like the look of that. So now I'm on a countdown.
I've bought a copy of Windows 7 (the week that windows 8 came out). I've been saving all my documents, photo's, emails (some of them I need) ready to upgrade.

I'm not looking forward to it. No Outlook express, I hate Windows live or whatever they call it. It's to complicated, to fiddly.

I'll lose all my email address's, unless I put them in by hand, yuk.

So that's what I've been doing, saving things, disk after disk.

I would liked to have been posting photo's of the holiday. I would like to have been writing something, a song, a letter anything.

So that's why I've been posting chapters off the book.


I'm getting a lot of hits from China.

Please dear Chinese people do not use me to teach yourself English. My English is very poor, unless your using it to find mistakes. You're in the right place.

Off to bed good night.

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