Sunday, 4 November 2012

Debauchery, good for the soul.

Should I tell.

I sometimes go into my work partners pub on the way home, I only have one pint then I'm off.

As a rule I'm cover in brick dust or anything else I may have had to do at work, working in lofts can be a bit mucky.

So I'm not a pretty sight. There sometime is this cute woman, she talks a lot but she's funny. I'm always looking at her arse, yes sad but true.

My saps rise when she in, she picks bits of dust off my clothes, I let her.

The other day she was in with a cat suit on, tail hanging out with little cat ears. It was Halloween, I don't go much for Halloween but it's getting to be a big party over in England ( just like St Patricks day).

I started to make eye's at her, she sent back the same signals, I got bolder.

'I want a date?'

'Sure when?'

Well we went out last night, we had a good time on the town, everyone was a bit tipsy (drunk).

'I've got chicken and wine back home'

We had a great night. She will be referred to as Cat Woman from now on.

It's Liverpool today.

Newcastle play Liverpool today. It will be on every television in every pub in town.

It's one of the great fixtures of the year. My work partner supports Liverpool I obviously support Newcastle.

So I'm going to his pub, there are quite a few Liverpool supporters in that pub, should be good.

Sunday lunch.

My ex-wife summons me every now again, and she has today..

'Come for Lunch'  .................. Always up for a free meal  'Ok I'll be there at two'

I've got 45 minutes to get there, so I'm signing off.

I'm singing Adel's song    SOME ONE LIKE YOU   tonight at the Cumberland arms, I'm always a bit nervous when I do a new song, but I just love this song. I sing one octave below Adel.

Off to the lunch, then the match and then singing. I love my life.

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