Monday, 22 April 2013

Jay. R.I.P.

Peter rang.

A friend of mine rang up this morning, I missed the call so I rang back. He sounded strange.

'I've got bad news'         Why when they say that they don't just deliver the line? why do they wait for you to say 'What is it?'

'Jay's dead'

Jay's a friend of ours, a happy go lucky guy or so you think. But he took some pills and went to bed and while he was there he made 2 posts on facebook

'See ya'         It's local way of saying good bye.

Then 2 minutes later            'XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX'

It's strange but that's the second friend to commit suicide in the last year, both single, both mature, both living at home.

It's a sad day. Good night.

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