Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A quicky.

Hey, sorry, I've not really been up to writing much.

I'm a bit hung up about my Boss. he reads everyone's ................ FB & Twitter. So it really puts me off.
I work at a bus depot with about 280 drivers. 
I remember when I walked into the depot for an interview and I sat down and he said 'Your a very interesting person' ............... ????

So anyway after I got through the training program and started to listen to other drivers I overheard someone say ............... 'He watches peoples profiles'. We are not allowed to mention our jobs on FB or twitter. 
So now I feel inhibited. 

It's the one reason I needed to find out if I could block a certain country. You can't as it happens.

So, a very quick update.

The house next door is still up for sale. I've changed my estate agent. The first one only sent one viewer in all this time. 
The new one will be coming to take all the photo's and stuff soon.

I'm still driving buses and it's getting much easier. Not that the traffic has died down or the job gets any easier but I'm getting better at handling things. 
Heavy traffic, high turn over of passengers, very strict operating rules, driving a bus that has 88 seats and 14 standing. It can be tough.

One of the really big things, I have to drive for 5 hours at a spell with no toilet, that's tough, you have to think very carefully about what you drink.

So, I'm coming to terms with it all. I've been there a year now. 

My golf friends, singing friends, football friends have got used to me not being there but I have not. 

I'm due at work in about 20 minutes so I'm off.

10.05 Wednesday 30 Oct 2014.

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