Thursday, 3 May 2012

Back in 6 days.

I'm ready to got to America I think, passport, money, keys. Yep ready.

I get paid in cash, so do not normally have to go to the cash machine and I pay at shops with cash. I went to the supermarket this afternoon and just had an idea. Better check I know my pin number, so I paid for my goods with the card. ****, try again **** try again, last attempt. Wow, no, hell, shit. I paid cash and left. While I peddled home on the push bike. Yes, I had remembered the number. So I'm off to America with one go left on my pin number (it can only end in tears)

My daughter is giving me a running commentary on her progress by text. 'In the taxi'  'At the train station' 'On the train'

I played golf today, the first time since last Monday due to rain. Ken the Yank is back from a 98 day world tour on The Queen Mary 2 so there was 4 of us. We paired up, 2 in each team and I played with Fred. Fred would normally be the weaker member of our team but today he did all the scoring. Bad for my ego.

Daughter is here, so going to close. Bye bye cruel world. I'm worried by this flight. (no time to edit)

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