Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Take 1.

Don't you just hate your own voice, I do. Raymond Le Blanc would have something to say about that. The first song recorded this weekend has been posted on Youtube (it's under private at the moment). I just hate it, but what can I do.
Lets take 'Spanish Train' by Chris de Burgh. It's a tongue twister, it has chord changes all the way through and Dave insists that it's all done in one take. That means straight. One missed word, one slight late chord and it shows. Well I don't like it. I may not publish.

I stopped killing things about 5 or 6 years ago, which means I consciously avoid any un-necessary deaths.
One time I killed a slug while putting some rubbish in the bin, standing on him with my bare feet, I did not try to give it mouth to mouth. Largely I leave things alone.
This brings me to the spider that lives in the bathroom. He's as brave as a lion, coming out and looking at me while I shave.
He does not seem to have any webs or anything else that would bother me, so I leave him be. Anyway the other night I found him in the shower, slipping every time he tried to get up the short rim, so I put a small towel over the rim so he could find his way out, the next time I went in he was gone.
Today I was cleaning the bathroom not really taking much notice and I sprayed him with my bathroom cleaner. Fortunately it was a home made spray (washing up liquid and water in an used spray) and he ran off, he maybe Okay.

I'm starting to pack for my New York trip, until recently I would pack about 20 minutes before I was due to leave, I think that was my army life style making me do that, but now I'm planning to the last detail what to forget. Do you go to the airport saying 'Passport, keys, money.'

I upset the Blue Tits yesterday by cutting the grass. I'll help them if I can, but the grass gets cut.

Things to do so I'm off.  The Russians have gone ahead of the Americans this week for the number of views to this blog.
Newcastle play Chelsea tonight @ 19.45 pm England time. (Just got home, Newcastle won 0-2, fantastic how easily I'm am to please)

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