Monday, 21 May 2012

Not much happening.

New shop layout.

I picked up the van this weekend, it's the first time I've had it since the accident (10 months ago). As Left Mick said why not check out the new ASDA shop so I did. I was shocked at the dirty tricks they are playing.
They have chocolate on one side of the isle and tins of beans on the other, this means mothers have to run the gauntlet with their children and also them selves. They also had wine at the end of isle on things nothing to do with alcohol. When they bought out a new brand of cola (different store) they hid Coca Cola down the bottom of the alcohol isle, which was a dead end. I could not find it and had the manager called while I was at the till ( I was in a very shitty mood ), he patiently explained that they did not have enough room on the soft drinks isle for Coca Cola. I never when to that store again.

Singing at the Cumby.

The open mike night at the Cumby is always the 1st Sunday in the month, but for some strange reason it was on last night. I had planned singing 'Jealous Man' in a couple of weeks. so I sang it last night, along with 'Lover, lover, lover' By Cohen. It went very well and after I came off I sat with Jimmy (actor of great skill) and earlier on I had seen a woman who was very drunk, she had been dancing to music not normally associated with dancing. She came over to us and danced in front of my face, she then mounted my leg, I had my legs crossed and one stuck out. I joined in the fun by lifting my leg up between her legs, she pressed down. Eventually she went off for a dance with Jimmy.

Golf completion.

Ken (the Yank, he likes this name)  play in a big competition tomorrow, we played today and had a very good score. We know this will not happen tomorrow, something happens when you have a match card in your hand.

The Russians

The Russians have stopped reading me, they must have decided I'm harmless, I could have told them that. Or I may just be boring.
The Blue Tits are working very hard.

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