Sunday, 27 May 2012

Should just go back to bed


I was right, Sweden first, Russian second. We should have put the dog in.
I liked Italy best.

I've been called.

My ex has called she wants her television sorting, and she wants me to go for lunch, bad day for that. I was sat having a coffee this morning and the guitar was leaning against the wall, it does that, it never stands up straight. Ping, the 'D' sting snapped. I knew it was going, it goes in exactly the same place every time, 4th string 3rd fret. I jumped in the van and the central motorway was closed for grass cutting so everything was pushed down Barrack Rd. The temperature was hot. Quite rightly the music shop was closed, but in this day and age I thought I would try it. I've ended up putting some electric strings on a classic guitar, sounds bad but it will have to do. I'll use the mandolin the most.


My Mum and Number 2. You can just see the date on the top May 1960.

We used to live in a house on wooden legs, and when you saw the rain you realised why.

This was the garden after a downpour.
I'm off for lunch, I don't need this today, but...............

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