Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision song contest.

It's Eurovision tonight.

I love it, it's 26 finalists singing their little hearts out. We have Engelbert Humperdinck singing on our behalf, he's on a hiding to nothing, the song is terrible.
The Balkan States have it wrapped up, shamelessly voting for one another, not that I'm against that. What I keep an eye on is how many votes we give Ireland and how many votes they give us.
If your a betting man put £3.00 on Russia this year, they have some older women singing this year and I think they have a good chance. Also Sweden always have a good go, and this year is no exception. So £3 on Russia and £3 on Sweden and you'll have a good chance.
I think Britain will do well to be in the top 8.

I feel sorry for the French because they have had there language dropped by the commentator's, they used to repeat everything in French so it used to take twice as long, even the French contestant sang half of her song in English last year. Can we look forward to French movies in English?
So tonight, curtains closed, bottle of wine (or Gin and fresh orange), sound turned way too high, a good night in guaranteed. 'COME ON YOU RUSSKIES'

Upper class?

When I was about eight I remember my mother and father talking about the English class system, I was ear wigging and knew my Mother was much smarter than my Dad. Eventually I must have stuck my nose in and my Mother asked me 'What class do you think we are' I thought about it, we had a great life, we lived in Malaya, we had a servant, we travelled the world. 'Upper class, or at least upper middle'. My Mother put me right 'We're working class' I was devastated, me working class. I've been steadily working my way to being lower working class ever since.

This is my Mum & Dad off for a pint.
Now you know why I thought we were posh.

1960, in the Cubs. With my one badge, that was for not falling over.

Enjoy the Eurovision.

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