Friday, 13 July 2012

Wishing it was witty.

Back writing.

I had agreed to write a song for the band the last time I saw them. They had to change their name from The Stragglers to Moonshine Stragglers because they fell across another band with the same name.

So last night, I always come alive at night. I sat there and the only thing they wanted in the song is the word 'Moonshine' so I set to work and within 2 hours had 5 verses and a chorus. This makes the song quite long, but they can drop a verse.

And, I've also said I'll write a piece for Jimmy the actor, and I've done about 10 pages of that. It's two brothers sat at a table having a difference.

But what has really got me going, and I've done 4 hours tonight.
I looked at BBC script instructions for TV. All the instructions are there, so I read them. I seems quite simple, but it's not. So I started to write my book as a film or series.
I've managed about 5 pages, it's a different discipline.
The next time the BBC will be taking scripts is September. So I need to get a move on.

I write this to relax.


It's been a shit year for golf, in the last 3 weeks we have missed 4 games. It's better in February.

Rules are made to be broken.

I drink, it's not a secret. But I go alcohol free 4 times a week. Try it, it's hard.
Last night, because I had to do the song I had four bottles of Heineken. It's one of my alcohol free nights and tonight I open the fridge and I've run out of milk. Yes I need many tea's to go alcohol free, and there sitting at the bottom of the fridge was 4 can's of Murphy's Stout. Like Sirens luring me into the sea, I fell in.

The day they built the Angel of the north.

I had slept in, and this was about 9.30am on a Sunday. I do love the Angel of the North.
I over heard someone saying 'It's disgusting, they could have built a hospital wing for that'. £300,000.
Worth every penny.

Good night.

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