Friday, 6 July 2012

A quick note.


The winds of change, I can feel it.

About, no, definitely 1989, I used to drink in a pub called The Ship. It's under Byker Bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
It's a spit and sawdust sort of pub, full of different people lets say. It came up for sale and within a week it was sold.

My life at the time was not ready but I always regretted not going for it.

It's changed hands a few times since then, I think if you can do 10 years in a pub you have done well.

Well the Land Lady has eventually mucked it up. I only found out last night. It's interesting, the man who told me was the man having an affair with my wife. Proof that I don't hold grudges.
She has now closed the pub and is squatting in the pub.

This used to be a big problem years ago but now the law has been changed and squatters can be out in lest than a month.

So I've got a month to get ready, maybe less maybe more. I've said all along the only thing in the world that would get me back to work is that pub. I'm not lazy, I just don't like going up ladders any more. I did it for 23 years.

It's getting better.

The phone has been going quite a lot this week so I went out with Mick yesterday. I enjoyed it but I only worked as the dogs body.

Here's a sketch. Number 2 (sister) came in and stayed for 20 minutes and while she was here I drew this.
I never take my time, much preferring to bash something out.
The light was dark and I had my head down which makes my eyes open more than normal. I have little piggy eyes and you never see the top of my eyelids because I always squint.

I like the bridge of my nose and the eye brows.
Lots to do I'm off.

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