Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sisters, I love them, but..

You have to laugh.

My sister is too mean to pay for broadband even though she earns a very good wage. So she comes to mine and logs her email address all over the place.
I get the onslaught of crap email. This week she has added two older dating sites to her email address (but it comes on my mail).
I'm getting about 40-50 emails a day from hairy arsed men with the heading 'A private message for you'.
No Thanks.

I will never understand women, never.

As long as I have a hole in my socks I will never understand the female mind.
The said sister finished with her long time ON- OFF partner. I would think they have split 20-30 times, maybe more I stopped counting a long time ago. When they are finished I say 'yes he's no good for you', two weeks later I'm going 'Hi partner, hows things'.

So they went on holiday about 7 weeks ago, am I mind reader, no. They split up when they got back, did she tell me, no.
She now says 'every one else knew', did you tell me?         
'I did not tell you because you will tell the world on your Blog'       
 'Not me' I said all indignant.

Mums the word, eh.

Growing up.

My daughter has just bought her first house. Do you think she would start with a flat, no. A four bedroom house, needs a bit of work. I'm glad I live 200 mile away.

Which brings me to golf, I've been going through a bad patch. It happens to everyone, well nearly.
So I change somethings and low and behold, fantastic.
I'm hitting it much further and much straighter, which really upset one of my partners. He has to change something, but he won't.

Chapter 13.

I'm working on the book, book to TV script. I'm up to chapter 13 out of 30. Well why not.

I've been doing about 3 hours a day except for little trips away and other distractions. It will get done, it took me five years to write ( with a 2.5 year gap in the middle).

I'm off to do some of the book.
Good night.

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