Wednesday, 5 September 2012

one of those days.

It's been one of those days.

I have not been over the door, not even to empty the bin.

Mick called for a cup of tea and that's it, the phone has not rung, no sisters have called, I've had no dirty jokes sent to my mobile, nothing.

This has enabled me to do nearly 3 chapters of the book and I'll do another 2 hours after this so it was worth getting up.

Woman hour.

If you don't live in England and most of you don't ( some body's started to read from China ) we have a radio station.  Radio 4 that is 100% talk, no music, just news, plays, magazine's and information programs and even a 'Soap'.
I only listen to this station, a bit boring. It does mean I have not got a clue whats happening on the music front. I've only just discovered Adele.
Anyway, I did all my washing yesterday, all from my 2 weeks in Cornwall.

So I had lots of ironing, so I ended up listening to 'Womans Hour'. I think we may need to have the censors back.

It's broken down in to several interviews, the first being a woman who's written a book 'Biography of the Vergina' by Naomi Wolf. Not nice. The whole program was very heavy, it went on to pornography and how it's not enough for the younger generation. It did skim over  'Fifty Shades' which seems to to their favourite subject at the moment. The James woman must be delighted.

Jack of all trades.

I meant to post it below, but something went wrong. I went up to see Dave Mullen and we did a few jobs on his roof. He had the camera out and I just was pottering about, even though it's quite hard to get the ladder in place. The back of the house has no easy access.
He came up with this YouTube song. It made me laugh.

Off to work. Good night.

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