Sunday, 9 September 2012


Burning the candle.

I was nearing the end of the book so I pushed on till 3am, the next morning my sister (No 2) hit my front door. I owe her quite a few favours so I got up and helped her.  And then yesterday I had a golf match that finished at 7pm, then Frank and Christines wedding do at 8, then I met Golf Partner in Newcastle for an extentended piss up, he dropped me off at home at 3.20 this morning. So I'm feeling a bit lazy today.

It's Sunday and I normally go singing at the Cumby, I think I'll go late and leave early.

I'm growing a quick beard.

Phil the guitar and me are going to Scotland singing on Friday. Dave will have the camera's out and we may get something good, who knows. So I'm growing a beard, I don't know why.


Having done the script I went back on the BBC web site and re-read the instuctions. They have moved the goal posts. I've got the original instuctions. Do this and do that, which I've done. Now it's do this don't do that. 'We only read the first 10 pages, then we recycle the paper'.

It does not fill me with hope.

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