Monday, 19 November 2012

Catch up time and the cat woman.

Tech problems.

It's been a funny week.

The computer came back on the Tuesday, fine. Not many programs on it, but it has a much bigger memory and RAM.

No Word, I need Word more than anything else. Loads of other things I took for granted were not there. So I've been trying to get the computer to where It does something useful.

Loading my CD's, some photo's, getting facebook, twitter and a host of other things just as I like them.

That's when the modem went belly up. At first, because all the lights were doing what they should be doing I thought it was the computer. More so because of the work I'd had done over the last week or so.

Many hours of un-plugging and re-booting and generally pissing around. Every time the computer was saying 'It's your modem'.

Eventually I phoned up my provider. I get a lovely little girl from India on, she did her best which took about an hour of her spelling everything in Alpha, beta, charlie mode. She eventually got me ( after 45 minute wait) onto an English engineer.
Do this, do that, ok your modems knacked, I'll send one in the post, Mondays the earliest. I play golf Mondays and not even a nuclear war would stop that (it has it's own bunkers).

So I'm up and running, I still have loads to load up. All my documents, photo's and music but I can do that a bit at a time.

The Cat Lady.

I met her on Halloween, she was wearing a cat suit. This gave me great view of her arse and I liked it.
We had two dates both of them ended up back at my house, it was nice. But me being a selfish old fart suggested we only met once a week, she was happy with that, so it's Thursdays.
Last Thursday morning I got a very chirpy text message along the lines of 'Looking forward to tonight' which arrived just as I was going on the golf course for our Thursday game.
By the time I got home and replied, quite a few hours later (I did explain) she sent a text back. 'Full of cold, not out tonight'.
I thought she was in a huff, but no, all the people I know in that part of town have a bug. Mick who works for me lives a few streets away, he down with what he calls 'Flu'. I've had flu, you are not up and around the next day with flu, you are flat out too ill to even shit.

So I sent her a text after a few days 'Hope your feeling a bit better'  ......... 'X' yes a kiss on the end, I don't know why, but I did.                'Couple more days and I'll be up, looking forward to Thursday, X'   That was her replying.

The Fine Arts degree course.

I've aways wanted to do the Fine Arts and I registered about six months ago and promptly forgot about it.
Just before the computer went tits up I go an e-mail. 'Come to the open day on 6th December'.
I've asked Mick ( he works for me) and he said just do it, he can manage without me.
It's a three year course and costs 27k £. Yes 3 x £ 9,000. It's a big decision.
Obviously they may not take me, but they like some older students. I don't have any qualifications, not a one. Unless you count Bridge building and mine warfare but some how I don't think that will be relevant.
I'll keep you informed.

The Blue Tit's.

I was having my breakfast the other day and the Blue Tits came round and were feeding in the garden. There are 3, which means that one of the baby's have survived. It's the first time I've seen them since they fledged in the early summer.

Off to watch some TV, and play the keyboard. I dug out a key board that my sister ( number 2) bought for me about 5 years ago as a Christmas prezzie. I'm at the stage where I can play chords without looking down. Pretty good for just a few weeks, I just watch TV and go through some chords, mostly the Adele song 'Someone like you' but other songs as well.

Good night.

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