Friday, 18 January 2013

Back in 8 days.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow.

I'm off to Flaine, France tomorrow as they say 'I may be some time'.

I do worry but it has to be done. I'm running out of years. There is only 3 of us going this year out of a possible 7 but the others say they will be back next year.  Should be good, but the two who are going tend to be a bit slow, so I'll be off on my own most of the time. I'll take the new phone and get some pictures. To be honest I could use photo's from the last few years, they all look the same, standing in row smiling.

The ski report was on last night and they mentioned Flaine first out of hundreds of resorts. The skiing is excellent.

It's been slow, very slow. But I was on a roof yesterday with all the snow. It amazes people who are walking along the street hardly able to keep there feet and they look up and see me on the roof. But I have to make a living.

Edit. no.

I always just write and post, it makes for poor reading but if I re-read what I've written I would never post. So For me it's write , post, done.

I'm off to do those last minute things. If there is a computer there I may post but I'm not expecting one.
I do have my new mobile phone but all these stories about people coming back off holiday with massive phone bills puts me off.

Back in 8 days.

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