Friday, 4 January 2013


Feeling guilty.

I feel guilty about ignoring Cat Woman. We see each other on a Thursday if we can be bothered. I could not be bothered and I've got a feeling she feels the same.


I'm still writing my application out for the fine arts degree and it's slow going. You are only allowed 4000 characters and I'm all done by 2,500. I'm trying to sound intelligent, reliable and worth a punt's hard work.

If I tell them to much they may think I'm a nutter or to boring. Also my Ex-wife ended up sitting in our bunch of seats at the Everton match the other night (we lost, bad news) and she asked me about the application and I told her I was going to get onto it now Christmas was over. She said send me a copy and she would help to improve it. I've sent the first draft. I've only got 10 days left to get it in.

It's a bit late so off to bed. 1.55 am.  Good night.

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