Thursday, 18 April 2013

two out of three.

I'm feeling down.

It's funny how life has it's ups and downs.

I've settled in in number 4, I still have jobs to do, that will take months of just getting things right. It's other things that are getting me down.

Last week we were asked to put a dish on the roof of an upstairs flat. This involved going into an old lady's garden to reach the chimney. The old lady said fine.

We installed the dish with cables going to 3 upstairs rooms, all was okay. During the job Mick who works for me saw a TV aerial lying on the roof out of site from where I was working. The daughter of the old woman came to visit her. Mick asked her if the fallen down aerial was her mothers.
'No, we have cable, my mother has not used an aerial for years'

The aerial was dangerous, children play in the back garden from the flat upstairs and it was not possible that anyone would be getting a signal from that rusty old thing. Mick cut it down and we put it in the bin, we even took the cable off the wall and put that in the bin.

The next day, the daughter of the old lady phoned up.
'My mother has no signal'
We went round the next day and had a row. I said (and I'm smelling a rat here) that I would put up all  an new TV aerial for just under half price ( we are cheap anyway), they refused and I drove away.

The police phoned me up yesterday. Now this is a civil matter so I don't know why the police are involved. She sounds like a nice police officer and she's doing her best. I told her my side of the story, which was  similar to the other side. I explained that I had no intention of doing the job for free, no ma'am. She explained that she might have to charge me with Criminal damage, I said that's fine I'm still not doing it for free.

She's going to get back to me.

The fight.

Things come in three's.
Me and Richard went into town on Friday last week. We had a good time but stayed to long. The Town stays open late now, so anyway we were leaving the club at about 3 in the morning. There was a big queue of taxi's waiting to take people home.

At the front of the queue was a man talking to the taxi driver. I assumed that he was the taxi driver from behind. Richard got in the back seat behind the taxi driver I started to walk round to sit in front. The man who had been talking to the taxi driver started to shout at me.
'Fine if you want this taxi we'll take the next one, were easy'
He gave me a mouthful of abuse, he was suggesting he would kick my arse. I was not in the mood to be intimidated by anyone.
'You better go home and beat the wife up mate'. Now I know this was not the thing to say but I did.
He swung and caught my left temple and a scuffle started. It ended up with me on top of him punching him in the face. Richard just stood and watched, two Greek men pulled me off.
'Okay, okay you win' The Greeks pushed me into the taxi explaining that the cops would be here soon.

I'm sorry but I enjoyed it. I started to think back, the last time I had a fight was 1972 with a man called Barry Burns. I enjoyed that as well. It's not easy being a fool.

I'm just wondering what the third thing will be.

So next door.

I was hoping to sell next door but the market is very poor for selling, so I've got a decorator coming in today to give me a price.

I'll rent it out for a few years and then have another go at selling.

I'm off to work now. Good bye.


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