Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I'm sorry.

I've been lazy.

I should write more often. I'm guilty of having nothing to say, so I don't write. But for some reason when I don't write my clicks get higher. It means people are looking to see if anything has been posted........ and they are disapointed, so they look again later. My clicks go higher but that does not make it right.

So I appoligise for not writing. Even though I've had nowt to say.

I had had a long weekend................ a very long weekend.

My daughter came up, it's been a bank holiday in England. This means we have a days holiday on the Monday and it turns into a long weekend.

It was great to see her and it is a big effort to get up here. It's about a 4 hour car ride, plus she has to find a cat sitter for 2 cats. I only have to do a bit of shopping and make sure the beds have clean sheets on.

We did have a good time. She came up on the Saturday morning, I was playing golf and she has a key so I could take my time. She and Andy ( her partner ) and Eamonn one of her friends.

I had never met Eamonn before so I got a nice supprise, he really was a nice man. We went out on the town on the Saturday getting home at about 3.30 in the morning and not going to bed until the sun started to show. The next morning I had golf and played badly, no wonder. I was washed out.

On the Sunday night I was singing down at the Cumberland Arms, as I normally do. Maddy and Andy had been before so knew what to expect but Eamonn had never seen anything like it. He loved it.

We got home quite late, but it felt a lot later. We went to bed at 1.30ish. I was burnt out the next morning, but Richard had booked us out for golf at 8.50, a bit earlier than normal. I did not play well. Especially the first nine. I did beat Richard, which shows you how he drops off on the back nine (every time).

I'll post a video, but it's not a song we sing in the Cumberland Arms, but it may give you some idea.

I've not been up to see Dave who recorded this for quite a while, so I've not been able to add to it. I did mean to do some more. Dave has all the hi-def cameras and editting stuff.


I've just been playing about and put a new skin on the blog. I don't like it but I can't find my way back to the old skin. I'll sort it tomorrow. I was looking for spell check, it seems to have disapeared, which means you'll really find out what a bad speller I am.                 Sorry.

So, anyway, we had a nice time. I drank a lot of Guinness, we all went to bed late a few times. But it was nice to see Maddy (short for Madelaine, yes I know it's a funny spelling, but her mother was a bit funny).

I'm going to try harder to write every night, well at least most nights. And I must put more photo's in. For some reason I forget to get my phone out and take a picture. It's worth a thousand words. So I'll try.

Good night (2.27 at night).

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