Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Going out

It's Tuesday.

It's Tuesday, so it's Malcolm night.

We've been meeting every Tuesday night for a drink for about 10 years maybe more. He lives on the other side of the city so we get buses to a pub in the middle (more or less). It's just not quite in the middle of town.

So I have not got long, I've not got much to tell you. My viewing figures are going back up, which is nice      ( thank you). 

I'm still knee deep in bus training and I don't want to become a 'Bus Bore'. But I'm slowly getting my life sorted, and looking back I can see how things began to slip. To much of this and not enough of that and the next thing you know your ignoring your mail, not answering the telephone and not doing those jobs round the house. It spirals. 

So, after a hard talk with my sister (number two) we worked out a plan, which is working well. 

I now have a job which I like, which I'm good at, which pays much better than my last employment. I'm slowly getting on top of those little things that eat you alive. Cleaning, gardening, repairing, putting things in order. It's fogs your mind and becomes debilitating. 

I give myself little achievable targets (not that I always succeed), and when I do say,........ get the spare room cleaned up or sort out some sort of paperwork I feel great. 

So times running out (bus due soon) and I'm running out of things to tell you. So, good night and thank you for reading. If you want to message me feel free.

I have this spare email address which does not get used.   peter2020@blueyonder.co.uk

Yes I decided to have an email address which does not use my name, which is not a secret but .......

                                      Me at a wedding some years ago. yes I like to smoke.

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