Monday, 14 October 2013

Getting closer.

Nearly done.

I've nearly done my training, not that I'll stop learning you never do at this job.

It's my last day in the classroom learning law, safety, rules and regulations. Then it's out on the road, it's where the real learning is done. 

Even though I was a bus driver for 16 years so much has changed. Also I'm not driving in the part of Tyneside I used to live. 
So it's all new. Different buses, timetables, routes, fares, ticket machines and lots more traffic. It's all new.

After the last day in the classroom it takes a few days for your plastic certificate to come though (you have to carry this at all times, no pass no work) so I think I'll be on the road on Saturday night. Well that's what they have hinted. That's OK with me, it will give me a quieter start on the road. I'm not sure I want to start on a Monday morning, far to busy.


So I had my first game of golf yesterday (Sunday). One of my golf mates thought he would take advantage of the fact I had not been out on the course much.
'Do you want to pay for a fiver?' (£5)
'Yes, sure'
He had a good start, going 6 points up in five holes, I slowly got my act together, one point at a time. All square, me one up, me two up. Eventually standing on the 18th (the last hole, he could not win) lets play for £2 on the last hole, I won that as well so finished £7 up. 
I know we should not gamble, but it makes it into a nice grudge match.

Historical photo's.

In 1970 I had gone from Boy service (the Army) to man service ( the only people in the army to call it man service are Ex-boys). 

So by the time this photo was taken I had been in the army about 3 & a half years. They had asked for volunteers to go on a sailing course, it sounded good so I put my name down.
It was better than good, it was brilliant. We sailed (on the regimental yacht) from Kiel North Germany to the far North of Denmark.
Going well out in to the sea north of Denmark. Eventually handing the boat over to the next crew in North Denmark  (Frederikshavn I think? I'm not sure it was a long time ago). So I'm on the left and Roy Millington is on the right (his nickname was Millingcrap, soldiers cane be very unkind to one another, he was funny and charming)

So, last day in the classroom tomorrow. (HEY, WAKE UP AT THE BACK)

Good night.

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