Tuesday, 4 February 2014

More guilt.

Guilty pleasures.

You know when your doing something you should not be doing. Well I need to keep my body fluids down before I go to work, I have to sit in a cab for up to five hours, mostly 4 hours without a place to relieve myself. It's a special discipline, you have to make sure you have not drunk to much.

When I started the job I asked around. What do you do about the toilet?
'Have you got a bottle?'
I looked blank, what? .................. 'Yes, a bottle, ................ get to your terminus and go half way up the stairs, it's the only place on the bus that is not cover by the cameras and do it in the bottle' 
Wow, your joking of course?
Four drivers look at me and shake their head.

So, I start work in one and a half hours, I'm sat here on the couch playing the keyboard (my new toy) drinking tea and (yes both) coffee knowing I'm doing wrong. There is the other side to this, 4 - 5 hours with nothing to drink, yes, well I carry a small bottle of water, and only take very small mouthfuls.

I'm off to the toilet, then off to work. 

Good day.   

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