Tuesday, 10 April 2012


That's the link to the book. You maybe wondering why I wrote it under a pen name, well I sometimes wonder as well. One of the first reasons was I don't like my own name, it's not got that ring. I also worried that if someone in Northern Ireland read the book and said 'I remember that traitor' they may take it into their head to clean the slate, I know it sounds fanciful but there you go.

My golf partner read the book and kept quiet, I let him stew on it for a few weeks. He enjoyed the book, but there was a hidden silence. We play golf 3 times a week if we can, we talk about this and that (and the price of fish) and the book never really got mentioned. The other day we were teeing off at the first and the book came up suddenly (here's the truth coming). He thinks the hero needs to much support, running back to headquarters to often (he's well out of his depth and he's being asked to do some really unspeakable things). There's to much tea being drunk, well the Irish drink a lot of tea (that's the way I remember it).

Other people, yes friends, have read the book and love it. I now have two groupies (not consummated) and friends who admit they look at me in a different light. The public will eventually get to read the book, that's what I really need. The publishing industry moves slow, real slow. Obviously the first time someone who does not know me from Adam says 'I enjoyed that' that will be reward enough and of course I would like to make some money but let me put it this way, I could have a shelf stacking job and make a lot more money than your average writer. Thanks.

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