Friday, 6 April 2012

someones reading me.

Wow, I had a look at my stats and someone been reading me. It makes me want to write. It's Good Friday the start of a very busy ( drinky poo's ) weekend. It started last night, I went to The Cumberland Arms and it was full. Full of my friends and fancies, yes my saps were rising, I'll leave it at that.
I had only taken 2 copies of my book, not really expecting to push the book and sold them both in 10 minutes. The greatest thespian in the world was there, Jimmy, who I owe a free copy of the book to. He was a slightly annoyed with me for selling his copy. I sang a few songs.
Today it's Swansea v Newcastle at 4.30, lots of beer and excitement and later tonight I'm off to The Seven Stars Ponteland drinking with Richard my golf partner. Being a bank holiday it will be full.
The rest of the weekend will be taken up with Golf on Saturday afternoon followed by watching the Masters on TV with a few G&T's, Sunday lunch will be a pub lunch followed by singing in The Cumby. Monday no plans at the moment, I may just give my kidneys a rest, but I'm open to offers.
What a life, it's like being a playboy. I do worry because life should not be this good, but it is.
The picture was taken on the phone half way up the mountain on one of the hundred's of ski lifts in Les Arcs, France. It's a big resort, well worth the trip.
I'll change the background of this blog soon, it's a bit pink, but I cant be bothered at the moment.

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