Friday, 13 April 2012

I'm good at wasting time, in fact brilliant.

I've wasted today, I don't know is it a wasted day when you just chill out? Golf was cancelled at the last moment (bad news for golf partner), so all I had to do today was deposit a cheque and that's all I've done. It gave me time to sit and watch the Blue Tits that have moved into the bird box, they go in about every 20-25 minutes but don't seem to take anything in. One of them stays in for 3 minutes the other one (don't ask which sex) just pops it's head in then goes.
I'm off to the south tomorrow for 1 of my sisters birthdays, should be good because all the family will be there and we can have a good row. Sometimes we just keep it down to a bit of backstabbing or one-upmanship. I'm happy being at the bottom of the pile. It's because I'm happy.
I may have more interesting things on Saturday.

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