Monday, 16 April 2012

Party, party.

Well what a party, It started at lunch for me and 1 of my sisters. I'm not going to name them, it's not fair. We arrived at lunch time (she worries, so she has to be early). After unpacking, about 42 seconds for me, we made our way into town. It never really stopped from there. So at throwing out time (the party was in a golf club) someone said 'Back to my place for a few more'. Common sense was out of the window by then, I got back to the hotel at 4.35am.
It has taken me a few days to clear my head and I played golf like a blind man.

Talking about golf, my golf partner had to call off last week. Well the news was much worse than I could imagine, his only son has cancer of the mouth. It turns out his dentist had told him he needed to see a doctor about the inside of his mouth, he did nothing and now he may have to have most of his tongue removed. Very sad.

The Blue Tits report; when I got back from the party (after a long drive) I sat down and watched for the birds. It was a bit late and I did not watch for long, but no sight. The next morning I kept popping past the window, no sighting. So it wasn't till the evening I saw them. They have now perfected their entrance to the box so you could easily miss it, one Tit stays up in the tree's and the other goes in all in one go, no sitting on the branch the, exit is fast as well. I'll keep you up to speed.

Just a quick bit of family history. My Dad married my Mother twice, yes sometimes people do that. My Mother passed away quite young (41) and at that point I had two sisters. By then I was in the army, my Dad re-married, his new wife had two daughters. At this point have 4 sisters, they had 1 child which gave me 5 sisters. Things did not go well and eventually they divorced and my Dad got married yet again, this time to a woman with 3 sons & a daughter (they were happy).
So I have 6 sisters & 3 brothers. I have no contact with the later add-on's but I told you this so you can understand why I hate the question 'Do you have any brothers or sisters?'
Back tomorrow.

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