Thursday, 19 April 2012

Out of date?

I'm working my way through my food cupboards, which at first glance looks full. It's an illusion they are full of things that at the time looked a good idea, but because I don't plan and can't cook I'll never use. So I'm being tough, 5 year old kidney beans, out. Why would I buy kidney beans I have not a clue where to use them, a bag of flour, what did I buy that for, un-opened out it goes.

I've been in this house for that amount of time where it's getting full of things. I hate things. At the time you think 'I pop that in a draw, it could be useful'. Well today golf was cancelled due to rain ( not my decision ) and I could not find my headphones. I've got a new music recording program and I need the head phones to lay down a few tracks. This triggered quiet a few events, the draws were full of THINGS, so I started going though each draw with a bin bag, bin, bin, bin, bin I was really proud of myself. My draws are empty and my bin is full. I found the head phones behind my PA.

The Blue Tits were hanging around, mostly at the very top of trees but they did not go anywhere near the bird box. It's very cold & wet here and not knowing much about their lifestyle I think they have put homemaking under wraps till it warms up.

I always said 'I'm not going to home record' (music) like some sad bugger sat at the end of his bed. Even though I've seen some very good songs where the person is sitting on their bed. But times running out. Dave, who owes my 3 days recording and has 2 Hi-def camera's and all the good equipment lives in the Scottish borders, it's only 68 minutes up the road but I don't have a car. So 'Sad bugger' it is then.
I'll call it 'Live in the kitchen'.

More ramblings on Saturday.

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