Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekends home and away.

Well what a busy weekend, first of all I'm going to get the footy out of the way. That's 4 times this year we have been thrashed, walloped and beaten to death. Wigan 4 Newcastle 0. They wanted it more than us.

We (the band and me) went into Newcastle for a drinking session, a big session, the fiddle player (lady) and three older men. The object of the night out was really for us to get out of our comfort zone and meet women. We all met at 9pm and made our way to known 'Older spots' but because the 'Toon' is open much later nowadays the 'Toon' was quiet. By 10.30 everywhere started to fill up, it was buzzing. Newcastle is a very busy place on a Saturday night, it's the big one. The highlight of the night for me was when we went into 'Smoky Joe's', we had been told it was a bit lively, and a girl was dancing very suggestively and looking me in the eye. She was sucking on her finger and thumb and then rubbing her hand into her cleavage while I blushed. The fiddle player went up and danced with her and came back and reported 'She's 26', just  7 years younger than my daughter. I fled, friends in tow.
I left Newcastle early, about 3am, the rest got home about 4.

Then next morning, the morning was cancelled.

I got up at 11ish and put my email on and Dave (he's my musical mentor) said come up and record, so with my head up my arse I packed my guitar and mandolin and headed up to his. It's the Scottish borders and hit his a 3pm and after a few cups of tea we started to record. It's direct to camera with sound onto the computer. I decided to go for one of the hardest songs I do 'Spanish train' by Chris de burgh. Some thing happens to your brain the minute you get in front of a camera, the blood stops flowing to the brain. I can't help it, I think 'I could be singing to millions of people' over the next 20 years (mostly me watching myself).
It did not go well, but we managed to get 3 songs done (people spend months doing 6 tracks) and at the end we did 'Valerie' by the Zutons, Amy Winehouse did a cover. Our version is very earthy, rough and ready, but we did enjoy ourselves. They should be ready to post when I get back from New York.

I do wish they would take the hosepipe ban off. It's never really stopped raining since. Golf has been cancelled again today, but the good news is 'Ken the yank' is back off his 98 day world cruise. I just hope his liver can take it, he takes 24 bottles of gin (the maximum allowed for 2 people) and then tops up with bar gin. The stats for his trip are staggering, 4 dress suits, 4 cases each (full of clothes) 5 swim suits the list goes on.

At last I managed to get a photo of the Blue Tits, and you can see nest material in his beak. I could not see this with my eye's, but on 45 x magnification it becomes clearer.

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