Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yanks v Russkies

If you run a blog one of the things you like to do is watch your stats, I mean lets admit it we do it because we want to be read, and the stats tell you which country reads are from. It turns out that I'm being read in Russia and America and the stats are even, almost to perfection. Something to think about while your cutting the grass.

Should I post this blog to my facebook account. I have not as things stand. Mainly because my sisters are my FB friends as well as all the other people you pick up over the years and some people follow me because I make them laugh and some follow me just because. Strangely I have some FB friends who have never met me and they ask to be a friend and I except, but not until I've found something about them. I'm thinking of sending personal messages to people I want to read it and keep it quiet for the rest. I'll think about it a bit longer, but I did start this because a FB friend suggested I should keep one.

It's just after 3 in the morning now, I'm getting worse for going to bed. I'm a natural night owl and it would suit me to go nocturnal, but I'm playing golf in the morning so I should be going to bed.
I just want to tell you one thing though, I'm going for tea (dinner for posh people) to my ex-wife's house tomorrow. Calm down it's not like that, she's bought a freeview tv box and she wants me to install it for her and in return I get to eat some vegetables. 

One more quickie the Blue Tits showed twice today, the first at 12.30pm and then again at about 5 o'clock.

Should I link to FB?  To tired to edit.

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