Thursday, 31 May 2012

Decorating, every 10 years.

It's got to be done.

Yes this year is going to be the decorating year. I know some people decorate every year and some people decorate on a rolling basis, doing a room or so every now and then but me I decorate every time we have the Olympics.
I like to set a target, say half that wall or them two window sills, that way I don't run out of steam. Others dive in and work from morn till night or take a week on the sick.
A mate of mine got called in to see the boss when he came back off  'Sick leave' with paint on his spectacles, he just called the union official in and everything was forgotten.

I'll try a link.

Hey, it's real Chuckle Brothers stuff, but we enjoyed it.
I'll post this and come back later.

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