Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ramble, ramble.

It's like a quick note.

I'm a little bit drunk, but, needs must.

There are lots of things happening and I'm back at work for the first time for over a year. So I don't have a lot of time to mull things over. I'm shooting from the hip and yes I can hear you all saying, you always shoot from the hip when you write.

Richard, my golf partner, we're going to a footy match on Sunday. Newcastle v Leicester, nowt special.

Well yes it is, I'm going to meet his 'Girl friend'. They've been dating for 7-10 months, I've not had my stop watch on , but it's about that amount of time. Anyway, I've not been allowed to meet her. Mostly because I'm a big mouth. But on Sunday I'm going to meet her.

'Don't tell her we're going to Spain, don't tell her this, or that.'

I've already forgot what I' not allowed to tell her. I'm not a good liar, so I don't lie, it's simple.

She is very attractive, remember we are pretty old, so anything that's still a bit, lets say, 'The chassis is still good' sort of thing, we think it's good. Yes we are very shallow, you can measure my depth in micro millimetres, no I'm being nice to myself, nano-something or other might be nearer the truth.

 I'll keep you informed, it won't be good. I invented the Faux pas, or as I like to call it, 'The fox pass'.

My sister (no 2.)

She does not want to be the star of this blog, but what the hell.

She thinks I'm a mind reader, I can't even read a comic, she should know by now. Anyway she went back to Mr, Arsehole. It was about 4 months ago. He's okay, everyone fits into the category of okay unless.......... we'll leave it that.

Anyway they got back together for the 786, 888,432 time, you do get a bit bored after a while, (unless it's my problems), it ended in him dumping her, again, a better looking woman, again, bigger tits, again, or what ever. .................. She never said a word.

Now I need someone to come in.......... wailing....... screaming, threatening.

I don't want you behave as though everything is normal and expect me to guess, I don't do guesses , I don't do assumptions, I don't even do 'Are you okay?' unless I can see you're mortally wounded.

They had split again, I'm the only person in the northern hemisphere, no the whole world, no, the universe (she's sure of that) the universe,............. who did not know.

What a shit I am, no much worse than that..................blah, blah, blah...........

Sorry that this is so incoherent, but you know what I'm like.

I could go on for hours, but I'm back at work tomorrow      (Yo).

So, good night.                    (un-editted, not even a glance over my shoulder)

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