Thursday, 13 September 2012

History night.

Malaya. 1960.

We used to live in Taiping, somewhere in mid Malaya. I did go on Google Earth and have a look but could never find our house. 77 Sangrow Circle.

 I seem to able to remember all our address's and there are quite a lot.

The first picture is of me about 7 years old and I was in the cubs. If you look carefully you can see my 1 badge, I think it was for being able to stand up straight. I was not the most successful cub.

This photo is the day we left Taiping, The train came in about 10 minutes after this and there was much crying. The Woman on the right was our maid. Lim.

The boy in the white shirt, right in the middle is Melvin Knowles. I saw him at my Dads 70th birthday about 1998. Melvin looked like an obese version of Alfred Hitchcock.

His brother (Alan) on the far left tried to bugger me once 'All boys do this'. Not me, he punched me in the mouth for my trouble, but I kept my virginity.

One of my big memories from this time. A girl bought a snake in a jar to school (dead), the headmaster was over joyed and showing everyone. It was about 18'' long.
A week later me Melvin were down at the river trying to catch Cat Fish, the hardest fish in the world. Suddenly Melvin saw a dead snake tumbling down the river. It was a 14 foot Python. We chased it down the river and dragged it out and carried it home.
I was going to take this into school, I was going to show them a real snake.
My mother went off it.
'Get rid of it, it stinks'.
'But Mum' 
'Get rid of it'.
I think it weighed about 4 or 5 stone, we had dragged the dam thing all the way up the hill.

The train that took us to Kuala Lumpur was just like an American wild west train. I remember the train going along a track half way up the mountain with only a few feet from the edge. Fantastic.


Just lately my two golf chums have been playing well, and they crow and crow. One of them is nearly wetting himself.
I know they will go off form.
I say things like 'Oh bad luck' when they slice into the trees. From now on I'm going to say 'Why did you do that?' 
They are such good winners, I of course am a very bad loser, but I don't crow when I'm winning.

Sorry to bring my sporting failer's into this.  GGGrrrrrr.

Good night.  GGgrrrrr.

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