Wednesday, 5 December 2012

prattle, prattle.

End of year.

I hate preparing my accounts, it's just one of those jobs you put off until the last moment.      YUK.


It's Newcastle v Wigan tonight, I've got a ticket.
We've lost the last 3 games, confidence is low, lots of our best players are off with knocks or injuries. It's looking bad.

Next day. (yes, everything after this is the next day)

Sorry I stopped writing and went to the match.................................... We won. 3-0.  Yippee!!!!!!
Not quite as good as sex, but far more frequent.

Little old match maker me.

I've always fancied my Sister (number 2) and my golf partner getting it together.

They are suited, they don't know but they are.
On Sunday we played golf at about 9.30, we had a good game. I scored 36 points at Stableford, you don't need to know what that means, but that's not bad. The ground was rock hard due to frost. It makes it harder, the greens were really slow, that makes it harder. So 36 points was good.
GP and me came off the course and while we got changed and washed I phoned No 2.

'Hi, we're going for Sunday lunch at the 'Badger' do you fancy coming?'
No 2 'Sounds good, I'm on my way'.

It was like I was not there.

They chit chatted about the price of fish and which way they thought the wind would blow tomorrow. I just ate, drank and afterwards smoked (outside of course).

I did not see GP until Monday evening ( at the footy match ).

'She's very nice your sister'.
'No, she's my sister, she's a woman'.
'No, no, I had a good time'.

A good match I think, but ,.....................................but I won't be seen to trying to influence them. They can find their own problems or miseries with out me.

Hard day, today.

We were running a bit late today. We arrived in Whitley Bay, it's on the North East coast of England.
No wind, and it was just getting a bit dark, clouds coming in off the sea. We set up the ladders and got all the aerials ready. Just as I got on the roof it started to rain. What a hard job, the houses are big at that part of the coast. It was four TV points. I've earned my money today.


I know, I do babble. I'm incoherent most of the time. But I do type as I speak.      Incoherent.

Good night. PS only 4 chapters to go on the book. Chapter 26 tomorrow.
The last few chapters are short, but there is quite a bit in them.
I do get a lot of criticism about the finish. ?????? Hey, it my book. Write your own.

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