Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back, alive and well.

I'm back.

I've got loads of photo's, all of me sitting drinking in lodges or restaurants. That's the way it goes.

No, I took a load on the slopes and did a few mini movies holding the phone. My hands were freezing so the movie clips are not to long.

It was very cold this year, I normally over heat but this year really felt the cold. I'll get a good nights sleep and get them uploaded. Tomorrow.

My ski friends do not want to be shown, 'No Facebook stuff mind, we don't do it.' They don't know I blog. But I'll respect their wishes. They may just fall over it.

Good night.

I'm off singing now. I've not found it easy to get the video's off the phone. So I've wasted most of the day looking at 'How to get the video's off the phone' . I've not done well.
This was me just before I went away. Luckly I did not sky off the roof.

This was on one of the longest ski runs I've been on
It was 14k long with no stopping points.
We did stop to take a few pictures. My ski buddies don't want to appear in any blog or facebook shots.

This was the hotel. The pool was used every day until quite late at night.
Not my cup of tea.
We were on the top floor, 5th. Plenty of lifts (elevators)

Wind burn.
I'm old anyway, but 5 degrees of frost and a wind factor of 25 miles an hour take there toll.

Off singing now. Good night.

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