Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Funny old world.

Funny old world.

On Sunday, which is the night I go singing at the Cumby. There were a couple of Polish people or similar sitting having a drink, they were listening to the singing and having a chat.

About half way through the night me and Tim went out for a smoke. The Polish were out there.

'I love your singing, I don't know what your singing about but I like' He was talking to me, Tim is the lead singer in the band I used to be in but they asked me to leave. A lot of the problems came about because Tim wanted to be the lead singer, a lot of back stabbing went on so I left.

So Tim stood there hoping that the Polish guy would say 'I like your singing as well' but he didn't, Tim finish his cigarette and went in.

I'm still friends with Tim and we sing together quite a lot, I never hold grudges. There was room for both of us in that band but Tim wanted to be number 1 and he is.

The ex.

She pops her head up in this blog quite a lot.

This week our joint friend Sarah had a birthday party, I go skiing with Sarah, to football matches and all of her parties, so we see each other quite a lot.

I was not invited to her birthday bash. Why? because the Ex did not want to see me.

We have been separated for 6 and half years, divorced for over 5 years and the last time we were all together (panto at the Theatre Royal) me and the Ex went for more drinks together afterwards.

So why was I banned?  ................  Richard and I speculated all week (he was invited). Did she have a new partner? Had I said anything untoward the last time we were out? DID SHE KNOW ABOUT CAT WOMAN?

No sign of a new boyfriend at the party, so she must know about Cat Woman. Tuff, tough, get over it, I have to get on with my life.

I've finished with Cat Woman now, but it still does not have anything to do with Ex.

Just as a matter of interest I am flirting with a woman. It's on Friday nights when we go to Ponteland for a drink. Ponteland is a small town just outside Newcastle.

Next door.

I've given up hope of Mark doing any work for me. He's just about useless. He's been three times now and achieved about 5 hours work, so I'm getting on with it myself.

To be honest it's nearly ready. I have about another 3 hours work in the lounge and bathroom and it will be ready. Most of that is hanging curtains and just finishing 1 wall in the lounge.

When I move in is another matter. I don't want the other house to look abandoned. It's up for sale and I want it to look like a home rather than some empty house. I am considering renting it out for another year or so. The market is pretty slow, it's slow everywhere.

Off to bed, good night.

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