Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My dead TV.

Not finished yet.

When everything is going 'Tits up', you know it's going to end. Well you hope it's going to end.
Well today my TV went 'Bang'. It's fine I've got another TV, not that I like it. It's a 28" flat screen with a built in DVD player, so what.

The TV that went bang was a Sony 32", split screen (I could change the size of each side) SQ75. Yes it was old ish. The sound was great, you could change or modify any aspect of the sound, this suited me. I could watch 2 footy matches at the same time, or a Grand Prix or a footy match.

All gone in a poof,     POOF.

I have a spare, it's not going to be the same.

It's been one of those weeks, they just keep coming.
My broad band is wireless, yes, built in problems. It's been playing up for 2 days now. Just letting me on when it wants to.

Well I hardwired it today. No more 'Will it or won't it?'          Yes, every time.

The new neighbours.

Well they have been in a week. I've never heard them, quiet as a mouse.

I cut the grass for them moving in. But it shot up, we have not had much grass growing weather but it shot up. So I watched,....   .............. remembering her quote. ..................... ' I love gardening'

Today they were out there cutting the grass, I like it.     I like it because I've had a load of tenants who could not be bothered.

Now that means I could cut the grass or I could just let them live in their own crap (It's what I did). For no other reason, if I did the garden, should I do other jobs for them? I could wash the pots, I could vacuum the lounge. No, do your own garden.

So, I'm happy, .................... lets see if it goes on?

The band.

The Moonshine Stragglers, yes that's their name.

On Sunday, we went singing in a new venue. Now this can be good or this can be bad, you never know.
So we ended up in a public house well off the beaten track.

It was a new singers night. A lot of pubs try this, if they are lucky they get someone like us. This is not a boast (although I will boast). We can sing for 8 hours before we run out of the good ones.

Many fold up pretty quickly for no other reason than you need a hard core of singers who come through thick and thin.  We are the thick.

The Landlady was special. I thought I had met some bad Landladies. She was special, she was a jobsworth, she did not want us there, she did not like what we were doing and she let me know.

I went to the bar. I wanted a Guinness and a pint of something weak, anything that was not strong. Brown water would have done. I told her almost anything would do.

'We don't do that.'

'You don't do a low % beer?'


I did buy a beer for Michael, he did not mention the strength. I watched her all night, negative, negative.

I turned out to be a good night for me. For no other reason, some people like me and some don't, ..................................... they liked me.

I'll go back.

Good night, on the night I got my broadband working and my TV went tits up.

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