Monday, 6 May 2013

Sing another one.(Mark 2)

Here's one I deleted.

I deleted this post when I found out the Americans were reading and logging everybody's  online stuff, but now I know they can do much more than that and I have nothing to hide anyway.

George Orwell was right, ............ but he did not know that we would buy our own equipment and fill in the gaps ourselves. Anyway I'll read though some of my older posts and add (in bold) an new stuff or anything that changed afterwards. I may use a different colour (English spelling, color American spelling) 

A good night at the Cumby.

It was noisy again in the Cumby tonight. It makes it hard to do quiet songs. We normally have to sing songs at full blast, which is hard acoustically.(It's been getting worse for noise in the Cumby, we don't expect silence in the pub, but we also don't expect people shouting and bawling.We have been going a long time and singing there. I may be wrong, I often am)

Tonight a whole bunch of people disappeared with about 30 minutes to go so it gave us a chance to sing some quieter songs. You could hear a pin drop, it was great.

Just one more song, just one more the people asked  ................. the staff were getting a bit upset, well they would, they were waiting to go home. I enjoyed it.

A whole bunch of bad news.

I'm at a funeral of a friend on Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday in England tomorrow), but the bad news keeps piling up.
Ronnie Foster a friend of mine, he's a singer who quietly stopped coming about 3 months ago as had a brain tumour. He's had surgery and is now getting chemo . Another friend has got cancer of the throat and is getting chemo, it just seems all bad news at the moment.


The house next door got rented out this week. I like them.

The girl has about 10 tattoo's on her arms and legs, he's about 6' 3'' tall and they are both from Latvia.
I cleaned the house up almost to army standards, I thought whoever took it over would just move there stuff in and be done, but she got the keys on Friday (a day early) and came round with her mother, they spent 5 hours cleaning it. I like that, they have drive.
Most of my other tenants have been slobs, never doing the garden, throwing rubbish all over the place. I can't see them two doing that.

It was chilly tonight, warmer than it has been but still chilly. They were sat on the veranda with a few friends having a meal. It's a good sign, I like it. (These people moved out after 4 weeks, they worked for an agency that promised them lots of work, this never happened. I felt sorry for them)

My sister.

Most of my sisters are spread far and wide (I have 6) but one of them lives in Tyneside (this is where I live as well).

I call her Number two on here because she does not want to be on the net.
Anyway, she is not well, I don't know how bad but her doctor has said it's to bad for him to treat, so he's refereed her to a specialist. There is a waiting list to see him so Number 2 will not see him for another 3 weeks.
It may be nothing ..................................... I'll keep you informed. (They have inspected her, disinfected her, poked, prodded, screened and scoped her. They can find nothing. So whats wrong I don't know. But she's still in pain. Poor girl)

Good night. (Good night, I'll post another one soon)

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