Thursday, 3 October 2013

Training, training.

A quick up-date.

I've been on the new job, training. 

I've gone back to being a bus driver, it's good honest work. Not that all my work on the ladders doing TV reception work was dishonest, but you know what I mean.

After the interview and a few other things, one being my driving licence came back with a full bus driving catagory even after 23 years not driving buses. I was surprised, everyone was surprised. So they agreed to let me driver the training bus for a few weeks. I was fine with that. The driving instructor said after the first day 'You don't need any more instruction' I asked for one more day and he said yes, but by the lunch time he said I was wasting my time here and I should start the rest of my training.

And that's what I've been doing for the last 2 weeks. There is so much to catch up on. I'm in a new part of Newcastle, so there is all the routes that need to be learnt, all the new ticket systems and a myriad of passes.

It's been hectic really, I've been doing it almost constantly since I got the job. I did go down to the south of England to do a TV aerial job for my daughter before I gave my tools to my co-worker. He's going to carry on doing the TV aerials, 

Not much leisure.

I've not played golf at all and I have not been in to Ponteland to see my golf partner, he's feeling a bit left out at the moment and who could blame him. We used to play golf 2 or 3 times a week and then go drinking, so we saw a lot of each other. I've told him it will all settle down once I get onto the driving part (No I'm still in classrooms at the moment, you have to do 3 days in the classroom before you can pick up a single passenger).

There are so many parts to being a bus driver now. You pass your driving, you then have to learn all the routes (We have, I say we, I mean the company has 17 routes from my depot) then you have to learn the fares and where the fares go from and to, the ticket machines are now so sophisticated, the passes for all types of passenger. And the fares have shot up since I was a driver, the child fare was a standard 10 pence, now it's 6 times as much (65p). We used to think we had a hard shift if we took £80 now on a Monday morning ( weekly pass time) they take up to £800. 

No, please.

I don't want to become a bus bore, so I'm going to stop about that.

There not much happening in my life at the moment, I have not been singing (much) although I did go down a few Sundays ago. It was so noisy in the Pub I left early. So no golf, no singing, not much drinking. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It's something I have to do. Life will settle down.

Things I need to do.

I moved from next door to this house a few months ago.

I did tell the important people about my change of address, but the gas was on when I moved in so I just carried on using the gas, well you would wouldn't you. So it's getting to the point where I twell the gas company I'm using their gas. 

There a are a few other things, I'm not sure what they are but............. !! Hey, I'm trying.

So, .............. not much considering ................... it's been so long ............. But ........... Hey I'm trying.
Most of you have stopped reading, or looking, and I'm sorry.

I will try but, if not look once a month. 

Good night.

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