Friday, 28 March 2014

Is this wrong, maybe.

so, all this work.

So, all the work I have been doing on internet dating .............. may have paid off.

I have a date on Friday (tomorrow, 2 march 2014, the reason I put this in is because I'm writing to someone in maybe a 100 years, I hope so). But she's not the one I want to tell you about.
I will I'll do tomorrows date first.

She's a staff nurse, .......... good money, she told me. She's got ....... a really local accent, yes that's the snob in me. She sounds common, but we had a good chat on the phone tonight. Maybe about an hour, she said she was first attracted by my photo, it is good, better than I look in real life (I'll cross that bridge tomorrow), but what made her get in touch with me was the written word, she said 'I'm funny' and she said all women will go for funny.
I just worry, am I funny laugh or funny odd? Who knows. I suspect I'm both.

No, who I wanted to tell you about is another possible date. She lives in Glasgow (yes again, another woman from Glasgow, a Scottish city about 120 miles away from here.)

Now I've been doing this for 12 weeks? I'm not sure but it feels longer. And in all that time, yes there are good looking women, sexy women, ugly women, the lot.
In all this time, not one ....... well that might be over doing it, but not many have made .............. you know ,............... ring my bells.
So, this little thing, with an odd little nose, and greasy skin, or bad photo's looked at my profile. I knew straight away................ up, Bingo, ............... I looked, and I looked again then I looked again.

Yup, .................. I had a little ........... funny feeling, ............ yup, I had found some one who rings my bell, ............. big time.
I sent her a message, ............... I like what I see. ........ No, stop here Paul. I'm going to rip the info direct from the site. Give me a minute. ( could be tricky, he said).

So, the very first message is missing, I'm not sure who sent it or how much is missing, but not a lot.

(So I must have said)
Hi, I've just had another look, I like it. Very sexy. P

After this message, I found another one (similar) but it was not there the next time I looked and had not copied it. Pity.

Her reply was:

Good morning, well I like your face too!  But, also found your profile engaging, warm and clever.  You seem so nice.  Love One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest too, both the film and book.  Sure the maid thing is tongue in cheek, or is it the outfit! Always fancied myself in that, rather than scrubbing toilets!  But you do that too!!!  Yes, you're super in my opinion.   Wish you lived nearer!   Maureen x
( I had said something about me doing the cleaning).

I then said:

Yippee, some one I find sexy likes me.
Hey, I could come up, no strings attached.
(at this point I get .......... a bit bitchy about some of the women who contact me).
I'm not enjoying this stuff, and it swings from......... Sumo Toad to super bitch and nowt......................... (nowt = nothing, I've put this in for all the people who read me from other countries ) in the middle.
I like quirky ......... sexy (in my eyes)
If this is too fast, fine, I can wait. I've waited for six years and I can wait some more.

( Then she sent this message)

Hello again Peter, that is lovely feeling to have to want to wake up fancying the person beside you, for at least 20 years.   It should be easy, so why is it so hard.  I'm 50 but there is still time to get a good run at it!!!  Thus, maybe even the 30 years could be sexy and loving.  May need to along the way make few adjustments, but if Tommy and Betty (my mum and dad), managed it, then why not me (who knows us)!!!
My mum and dad passed away two years ago, but even in the hospital my dad was embarrassing in his kissing of my mum!!  Another visitor remarked jokingly that they should get a room!!
I'm not looking for rich man.  I'm social worker so make adequate.  Never really been materialistic anyway.  Most of my clothes are very good second hand - I'm known at work for my dress sense, but most cost a fraction!
Smoking is fine but not in bed - unless we're on fire!!
Maureen x

I then got all excited, only because........ and this is rare that I fancy a woman ....... a lot straight away, first glance, ........... the thunderbolt. I cant explain it, it just hits me and from that point on nothing will make me change my mind. And I know as people have asked before ......... Why, ...... I don't know.

So I sent (today, about mid afternoon)

I want to come and see you. ?
I'm on holiday this week, so have time and ........ the need?  yes need to come and see you.
So what do you think?
I could book into a B&B (a motel or similar) or a hotel. You could be working? I only sound so excited, because you are my type, rare.
What do you think? P.

From this point, and I can hear you all saying 'It's what you deserve' she has not been on site, or replied, or answered.

She is busy, she is doing other things, I know. But (yes I start too many sentences with but, but that's the way I write). I don't get many chance's, believe me, I look every day, all the time, and I don't fancy many women. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

So, so near, so far. .......... I'll keep you informed. Tell me if I should not be writing this on here.
Or, post it on here, ............? can I handle it?

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