Thursday, 20 March 2014

Windows 7. Well.

On line Dating.

It's getting harder, but it was hard at the beginning anyway.

I have passed my email address to a woman who said she worked in Glasgow, a Scottish city about 120 miles from me. She was cute, I could tell by her written word she was no English ( or Scot ).

But she was very attractive, she still is. So, in the course of emails with photo's I asked her where she was from, still thinking she lived in Glasgow. 

She lives in Russia, so here's the problem, ...... I don't have a problem with Russian women, but 2000 miles is a long way to go for a date, especially with my track record of only having 1 date then nothing after that.
It would be an enormous obligation, for her visiting here, or me traveling to Russia. 

I think that line is finished. It's a pity, she's very cute. 

I'm also in touch with other women, but it's hard work. 
One is studying for her PHD in business studies, another is a teacher, she's been 'Inspected & assessed' this week so I don't expect much there for a while.

I'm going to keep at it, ......... but have a few days off looking. I do feel as though I have been at the computer too much. 

The computer. 

My golf partner gave me a computer when my old one died.
He had a business which needed quite a few, and had a spare. 

I took it away and had it set up by a computer shop we did work for, with the satellite dishes ( all to do with Football in pubs ).
He installed Microsoft XP, I like it because I like Outlook Express, nice and easy.

Last  week a message came up on my computer 'Your copy of Windows may not be a valid copy'.

That's when the fun started, I went on Windows and bought a copy of Windows 7. 
No, disk in the post, no code word, nothing.
I waited, nothing, I waited, nothing.
At this point I started to get in touch with Window's. Not easy believe me. I have now spent 5 or 6 hours, just trying to find out where my copy is. 
The money left the card account but they have no record. I've been here before, my sister needed a copy about a year ago, it's the same run around.

I now have an email address, I've sent a mail with as much detail as possible, even the size of my shortcomings. 
It's very tiring.

I'm at work tonight, I start in 3 hours and have to do something that is not sat at this desk, so.... 11.55 am. 20 march 2014.  Good day. 


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